• Model: SR_DMR_4WU
  • Type: DMR half_duplex
  • Band: 400m-470m
  • Transmit Power: 4w
  • Receive sensivitity: -121DBM
  • Size:


           Digital 2way radio module Spec.

                     (Half duplex)

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1      Summary

1.1  Brief Introduction

Use digital intercom module with the DMR standard, support simplex voice, acknowledged / unacknowledged data SMS communication.

This module internally installed high-powered RF transceiver chip, RF power amplifier, and DMR digital intercom chip.

The external MCU can set the working parameter of the module by the standard asynchronous serial port communication and control the working state of the module.

Only an external antenna, a microphone and a voice amplifier are needed for the module to form a complete DMR digital interphone.

1.2   Application Fields

  • Miniaturization digital interphone

  • Digital communication system of mobile phone

2         Characteristics

  • Frequency Range400~470MHz

  • Frequency Space12.5kHz

  • RF output powerhigh power 4Wlow power 0.5W

  • Supply Voltage4.2V

  • High Receiving Sensitivity£-118dBm

  • Support writing-frequency

  • Support the DMR protocol and compatible with traditional analog intercom mode

  • The following businesses are supported under the mode of DMR

    • Support group calling, individual calling, general calls

    • Support acknowledged/unacknowledged SMS communication and status short message

    • Support calling/called detection

    • Support call alert

    • Support remote monitoring

    • Support emergency alarm

    • Support killing in a long distance/activating

    • Support voice and SMS application with shoot-through state and relay mode

  • The following businesses are supported under the mode of analog communication

    • Support CTCSS/CDCSS tone squelch

    • Support monitoring